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Rayan Consultants Limited

A Cradle to Grave Solution Provider.
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Based in the heart of Sussex, Rayan Consultants Limited is a SME providing a full range of IT consultancy and bespoke solutions to all types of small and medium companies. Mind you, we have never said "no" to the bigger fish either!

Our company ethos is to help you get what you need out of the myriad of technologies out there and to mould those technologies to help you become as efficient as possible. 

Our primary objective is to help small and medium size enterprises leverage the most out of the currently available IT related technologies. To achieve this purpose we have at our disposal a collection of individuals who are brought together to create a team to achieve your goals. This way you always get the right combinations of skills to achieve your requirements.

We also provide a subset of these skills to the larger, corporate arena.

Rayan Consultants Limited

34 Cook Road


West Sussex

RH12 5GG

United Kingdom