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Rayan Consultants Limited

A Cradle to Grave Solution Provider.
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About Us
Rayan Consultants Limited (RCL) are an IT Company based in the heart of Sussex, England.

We provide a comprehensive skill set based on the individual requirements of our clients. However, our skill set can be broken down into the following industry categories:

For our Corporate Clients we provide large (and small) scale software solutions based around the Finance Industry. Additionally, we are actively working on solutions for the Medical Industry which will have a global impact on Patient Care.

For our Small and Medium Clients we provide a hardware and software consultancy service where we will analyze your exact requirements after which we will purchase, build and commission systems on your behalf.

For Consumer Clients we provide hardware and software support as well as “in-house” training of Microsoft products.

RCL are members of the Federation of Small Businesses and the Professional Contractors Group.

Additionally we are also a Microsoft Partner.

Mizuho International (formally IBJ)
Brought in to provide software and systems solutions during the consolidation of 3 of Japan’s largest banks into Mizuho International.

Bank of New York (London)
RCL provides a brand new solution to the Unit Trust Reconciliation department of the Bank of New York.

Custom Quest Limited
Brought in to provide development and problem solving skills to Custom Quests’ Enterprise Solution as well as their legacy systems.

RCL provides a full project lifecycle solution for the client’s Capital Structure Analysis system focusing on the relationship of moments between fixed income and equity prices.

Providing Analytical and Systems Development  for their Quantitative Credit Strategy team.

Provided Development Services directly to the Trading Floor.

Developing the next generation Billing System for their Prime Brokerage Team.